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Shane Byers is the founder and CEO of the TopTenPercenter™ Sales Growth Society™ and is dedicated to training sales professionals to be their best… to be TopTenPercenters™.

Shane has run multi-million dollar elite level sales teams for more than 20 years having built and run teams selling products and services from Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham and others. You don’t maintain at that level of sales unless you know what you are doing. On top of that, Shane has founded and ran 5 of his own successful businesses in several industries. 
Over the years Shane has accumulated a wealth of sales knowledge and stories that he has put into two complementary book series’ (14 books in all) including 4 sales books (Relax and Sell™: How to become a TopTenPercenter Series) and 10 self-improvement books (The Super-Me™ Self-Improvement Series).
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