Shane Byers

CEO Bold Enterprises, Inc.

Author/ Speaker/ Game Changer

Founder: TopTenPercenters™ Sales Growth Society™

   I care if you learn

   I care if you think

   I care if you change

   I care if you act.

The “Super-Me” Self-Improvement Series can “Change” lives by teaching “MOTIVATION” and “SUCCESS”. 

My mission in life is to teach the The “Super-Me” Series program to as many people as I can in order to show them how to live the fulfilled, exciting life of their “DREAMS”.  

I love to talk to large audiences.  People learn easily when they have the opportunity to interact with a speaker in front of them on a stage at a speaking engagement.  It is a combination of the words spoken, actions taken, attitude, spontaneity, personal examples, humor, materials, ideas and emphasis.  When I speak, I am extemporaneous, in the moment, interactive, and honestly enthusiastic about you learning the Super-Me Program.  

I want you to feel my energy when you read this “Program”.  If you ever get the chance to come and see me live please do.  I would love to “personally” address you on your road to “Success”.

My intent with this “Program” is to help people learn, think, change and act.  

For many years, I was neDashboardarly pushed in front of large audiences while in the employ of corporate America.  Then came university teaching for 5 years.  Over the years I came to realize I could talk to people and communicate my ideas to “Change” their lives.

The average millionaire in America accumulated their first million by the age of 54.  The “average” means ½ made it before age 54 and ½ made it after age 54.  That leaves plenty of time for everyone no matter what your age is.

Many a millionaire started out broke.

I didn’t grow up rich.  More like pretty solid almost-middle class.  There were more times that we didn’t have any money then there were times when we did have money – I’m not sure if that is lower middle class or straight middle class.

But in either event… I was put on my road to Success at an early age by the people around me.

This part is written to the people who are out there right now who are at or near rock bottom.  Believe me.  You’re not alone.  Many people share the same financial burdens (or other situations you may find yourself in…) coupled with the same stress you feel.  Again, you are not alone.  Individual people are unique… but life is not.  We all share the same emotions.  

I have been there when I was younger.

I was sell the car broke, foreclosed on two houses broke (but still bought a great luxury condo less than one week later), wake up each morning to look out the front door to see if the repo man had come for the Mercedes last night broke, etc.  I have been there.

This was before I listened to anybody on how to do anything.  I always had my own answer.  Finally, I learned to listen and that has helped me immensely…I hope you in turn are ready to listen to these messages.

I see a need to teach people the “drive” I have.  I want others to experience it.  Keep trying and you will make it.  

Hence, the formation of Bold Enterprises, Inc. (formerly Chaseman Seminars, Inc.) named after my son Chase Byers (who told me to tell you he is very handsome and soon to be a college graduate).  I earned my B.A. in Business from Michigan State University and my J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing, MI.  Moreover, I have over 30 years of business experience in the public, private and entrepreneurial arenas. 

My love to talk to people with the intent to bring “Success” into their lives has taken over my life.

What I Do

I am the founder and CEO of Bold Enterprises, Inc.  I am a Sales Mentor and a Business Growth Expert and Self-Improvement Thought Leader who helps people and organizations in the creation of wealth by providing executive coaching to implement successful strategies to systematically increase sales/profits.

Why My Methods Work

I am emotionally and personally involved in the success of everyone I train or help. I have succeeded in bringing value to any situation using my diverse skill set and varied background. I have effectively trained tens of thousands from stage, via virtual teleconferences, on corporate on-site visits, in classrooms… you name it.

Who I Work With

  People who want the most out of life.
 People who are willing to try new
        things… and get new results…                     

What Makes Me Different

30+ years of prosperous business and life experience, hiring, training and leading thousands of sales professionals. I have been expertly trained by the world’s best Salespeople. In the process I learned a lot about people!


Four sales books (The Relax and Sell Series:  How to Become a TopTenPercenter™, et. al.) and ten self-improvement books (The Super-Me Self-Improvement Series.

I am always open and would like to hear your story. Reach out to me directly on LinkedIn, online at  or contact me at: [email protected].  I’d love to hear what you think your barrier to sales or self-improvement are… or maybe they are the same? 

I have been an Entrepreneur for most of the last 25 years running my own companies with the exception of a 3-year stint where I was an actual “employee” (that was very different for me – 3 out of the last 25 years).  I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being an employee… it is just that I had another calling for most of my life…  I took the “employment” position because of the challenge but three years was enough, the entrepreneurial side of me (my inner core) was calling.  
Right out of law school working with both very large and small, domestic and international business in the employ of Price Waterhouse Coopers – Tax Department (the world’s foremost CPA firm).

I’ve founded, owned and run 6 different companies in 5 different Industries (real estate development, music industry – label owner, seminar company, several direct sales companies – perfumes, golf course advertising, and more). 

On the National Speakers Tour for 3+ years I have trained in many, many venues in too many states to list – both in public forums and for on-site corporate training events in hundreds of different industries.  

Teaching at 3 major West Coast Universities (1990-1995). At one university, I was voted by students in the top 3 professors in the School of Business (both undergrad and graduate programs) for 14 terms in a row (many terms #1). I love those students and I hope they are reading this right now. Teaching was something I always did on the side (while running other businesses) because of the love I have for training and watching people grow. 

I have trained sales teams to sell products/services for some very special people: Chet Holmes, Tony Robbins, Scott Hallman, Jay Abraham, Keith Cunningham, and more. 

At Business Breakthroughs International (BBI) – a business development company founded by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes I ran the front line sales team selling multiple millions of dollars in products and services in 10+ divisions – all services designed to help you grow your business in a wide variety of areas.

For those that know me… you know that my passion in life is to deliver exceptional, proven training for individuals and teams.
Personally, what makes me tick?  I love to feel the excitement of someone breaking a barrier that is limiting their life.  
And of course I’m an avid fan of everything Michigan State University (my alma mater).  MSU… Go Green!  MSU makes it easy to be a Spartan. 
Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me over the years.

Now, let’s start the Training…

Thanks for joining me.

Shane Byers

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