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You are about to grow in Success beyond your wildest imagination. 

In order to keep up physically with YOUR Success explosion, the wealth growth and YOUR total goal achievement, you must stay strong and Healthy. Let me show you how…

This Manual makes you look healthy on the outside and feel healthy on the inside. 

Who said “6 Pack” at any age???

Everyone of these Diet and Health Tips, Suggestions and Recommendations “Move” you in the direction of your Successful Body!

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The “Super-Me” Self Improvement Series must include a section regarding “Health”.

I’m always telling you what you “must” do… well, this is something that I “must” do… I must have a Manual on “Health”. 

My definition of a healthy lifestyle is exercise plus a good menu…OK a diet.  

By the way, let’s call a duck a duck if it’s OK with you.  Some people call a diet a “food plan”.  Others call it “eating healthy”.  The truth is, it’s a diet so let’s call it a diet.  

It’s not what you call it that counts, it is what you put in your mouth that counts.  

Here you go.  You say, “Oh No, not another diet… I didn’t sign up for this… I quit!  

Hey, hang in there with me for a moment.  I know that normally, going on a diet is very stressful.  That is one of the reasons why diets don’t always work.  The stress builds up until you need some sort of relief.  And what better relief than a piece of chocolate cake and some chocolate ice cream.  And there goes the diet.  

Well, I’ve got a couple of new approaches to a diet…  

This is the Manual for you if you are looking to put a lift in your step to stay in touch with young and vibrant and health. 

And it’s true… as long as you are exercising daily, it doesn’t matter as much if you sneak a snack or have an extra serving here and there.  The exercise will help to counteract the extra calories.  

And, for you guys out there still struggling a little with negativity in your life, you know… the ones who are keeping it real… you know, real negative.  

Well, for you few people who aren’t fully in touch with your “Super-Me” yet… you are the ones saying, “but now I’m stressed out about having to exercise everyday”.  

You will find out very fast that not only is exercise a stress reducer but it makes you feel really great too.  I mean you might be sore for a couple of days at first but your body will soon be on auto-pilot and crave the exercise instead of the cake.  

This Manual teaches you how to get to that next level of health, well-being and longevity.

Combining exercise with diet has a synergistic effect… you know, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  So go for it.  Ask “Super-Me” what to do right now about diet and exercise.

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